Mohamed Atta still alive?

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Mohamed Atta is still alive, according to his father, as reported in newspapers like the Guardian.

This seems clear enough, until you look at other interviews given by Atta's father, and see how his story changes. The September 2002 Guardian article mentions a phone call the day after the attacks, for example, but here's what he's reported as saying on September 19th, 2001:

This was from an interview that took place on the 18th, supposedly 6 days after the phone call from his son, yet this isn't mentioned at all. In fact in this first account he suggests his son many have been murdered.

What’s more, an Arab News report, also published on the 19th, specifically says Atta hadn’t been in contact since the attacks:

Why not tell reporters that his son had been in touch?

A Newsweek interview less than a week later contained another change or two:

The September 19th account has Atta senior last seeing his son "a year ago", and saying that "he did not know many details of his son's life in the United States, other than that he thought he was going there for more education". Six days later we're told he last saw him in October 1999, and never even knew Atta was in the US. This is contradicted both by the earlier interview, and a 9/11 Commission document on an interview with an unnamed "associate" of Atta, who was told by Atta's father in 2000 that his son was in Florida:

One year on, in the Guardian story mentioned above, Atta's father is no longer suggesting that Atta has been murdered, and the blame now moves from Mossad to "American Christians".

And in 2005 we have an apparent admission to CNN that the 9/11, 7/7 attacks are justified, and that they would involve "many more fighters like his son":

So now it seems he accepts Mohamed Atta was a "fighter" in the attacks, after all.

The 9/11 Commission raise a further question about the role and knowledge of Atta's father:

And even some amongst the 9/11 truth movement have issues with Mohammed El-Amir. Daniel Hopsicker claims he was visiting Atta two weeks before the attacks, for instance:

True? We've no idea, but even if you forget Hopsicker and the 9/11 Commission issue, Mohammed El-Amir is still clearly an unreliable witness. And his contradictory statements fall far short of serious evidence that Atta is still alive.