Khalid al-Mihdhar still alive?

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Spend some time online researching the "some of the hijackers are still alive" stories and you'll find little in the way of doubt. Prison Planet, for instance, are quite definitive: "7 of the 19 believed hijackers named are still alive". But the evidence they present really isn't that clear at all, especially when it comes to Khalid al-Mihdhar.

Intriguing, but hardly conclusive proof. Scratch around a little more and there are further leads, although they're little better:

"Using the same name" is hardly definitive proof of anything at all, even if the allegation was true. And in fact, after being held for a couple of weeks, the radiologist was released without charge:

Another "proof" comes in the form of a list of names, where al-Mihdhar's name had "Alive" next to it.

A smoking gun? Well, the document only lists Al-Midhar as alive (read it here). So if you believe several of the hijackers are still around, then you must choose to believe that the Al-Midhar reference is accurate, while all the others are false. Sounds a little selective to us.

Further, check down the list and you'll find one other Khalid, named as "ARDIRIBI, KHALID S. A/K/A SULEMELMAN, KHALID S". A man with this name was arrested on 9/11 in connection with the investigation, although it was later discovered that he had nothing to do with the attacks:

It seems that both interpretations of the FDIC form rely on the assumption that an error was made. Either you believe that whoever compiled the list had inside knowledge of the plot, knew that al-Mihdhar was still alive, and accidentally revealed the information in his case, didn't for anyone else. Or you believe it more likely that the "Alive" tag was placed next to the wrong Khalid, and it was a typo after all. The second option seems the simpler choice to us, but in any event the document doesn't constitute definitive proof of anything at all.

The closest these stories get to suggesting a Government error is here:

They don’t show us a picture of Khalid Al-Mihammadi, unfortunately, or confirm the picture he saw that was supposedly of him, or say where he saw it. However, even this story says in its final two sentences that the FBI released one picture of Mihdhar (Mehdar here), another of Mihammadi, therefore they’re not saying the named hijacker is still alive, just that one picture was incorrect.

Further confirmation that this was just a mixup occured later, when the Saudi Government appear to have accepted that the 15 Saudi citizens (including al-Mihdhar) named by the US were involved.

We could construct a long list of maybes: maybe a conspirator actually revealed the truth about al-Mihdhar, maybe he didn’t reveal the truth about the others who are still alive, maybe al-Mihdhar’s not come forward because he’s scared, maybe Saudi Arabia were pressured into making that statement, or did it for political reasons of their own. But there’s not actually any evidence for any of that, and until someone produces some perhaps the simpler explanation is that al-Mihdhar isn’t alive at all.