ZIM Missed WTC Explosion
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September 18, 2001

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ON SEPTEMBER 4, Zim-American Israeli Shipping Company, North American arm of Zim Israeli Navigation Company relocated from the World Trade Centre in New York after being there for almost 30 years and opened its North America Headquarters in Norfolk, Virginia. The company existed 50 years in the downtown, New York City area.

The company missed the destruction of the landmark structure in New York by just a few days.

Zim Israel Navigation Company is ranked among the top ten container companies in the world. Since 1945, customer service and satisfaction has beetn the hallmark of the company, which has been established through constant modernisation and improvement. Operating a multi-modal transportation system, which combines ocean, land and air transportation, Zim can easily provide a totally efficient and reliable door-to-door service for shipper around the world. The local agent is Carib Star Shipping Limited.

In a statement to the Virginia shipping community, Shaul Cohen-Mintz, President of Zim-American Israeli Navigation Co., Inc. said it was a most successful move to a brand new building that is designed for Zim s specific needs. Initial planning for this move began as part of a Go Forward Plan initiated almost two years ago. Most managerial and key personnel have been relocated to Virginia to ensure continuity of service and a smooth transition.

The move to the Norfolk area will position Zim to meet the growing demands and needs of the commercial shipping marketplace. At the same time of this move, Zim has restructured its North Atlanticc District to include both the terminal side activities as well as its sales force activities. These functions will continue in the New York-New Jersey, tri-state area, the President stated.

However, he said as a result of the move, many long-time, dedicated employees could not continue working with the company. He thanked them for their years of hard work and their contribution to our organisation, which have resulted in the strength of Zim-American Israeli Shipping Company today.

Allmeasures and efforts have been taken to ensure a quick, efficient and professional transition in our new location, the President said.

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