WTC7 Water Supply
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The story...

The official report claims that there was limited water available to fight the WTC7 fires due to "a 20-inch broken water main in Vesey Street. This is an outright lie. This is Manhattan, more fire hydrants per square meter than any other place on earth".

Our take...

This firefighters account confirms the water pressure problems.

There was an engine company... right underneath building 7 and it was still burning at the time. They had a hose in operation, but you could tell there was no pressure. It was barely making it across the street.

Has he been “leaned on” by senior FDNY officials? We doubt it, not least because other accounts tell a similar story..

Located about five blocks from the World Trade Center (WTC) site, the 170-bed NYU Downtown Hospital was thrust into one of the most horrific events in history on Tuesday, Sept. 11...

Shortly after the second tower collapsed...due to the number of hydrants opened by the firefighters on the scene, we also lost water pressure to the building, leading to fears of losing water altogether. Staff were immediately notified to conserve water...

By 4 p.m. on Tuesday, gas and high-pressure steam had been restored through rerouting by Con Edison. Before the gas was turned on, the utility ran extensive tests to ensure that there were no leaks. About an hour later, the water pressure slowly started to increase, and the facility was once again able to sterilize instruments and provide domestic hot water.

Sounds very much like "limited water available" to us.

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