Bomb in the building
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The story...

This is a clip from the CameraPlanet 9/11 Archive. A firefighter at ground zero clearly says that the building must be cleared because there is a bomb inside. This adds to the weight of testimony from firefighters that bombs were evident in the WTC.

A fireman caught on video saying there are bombs in the building and they are clearing out, before the collapses occurred.
Google cache source

Our take...

This sounds like a good case initially, but then you begin to spot the holes. We’ve seen it suggested that the firefighter is talking about WTC7, for instance, but there are no clues to that from what he says. The above page says they were clearing out “before the collapses occurred”, but they provide no evidence about the timeline, either. Perhaps because neither claim is true.

We recently obtained a copy of America 911: We Will Never Forget, and it includes a chunk of this footage, but with some all-important missing context: the firefighters were referring to a bomb scare at Stuyvesant High School, five blocks from the WTC. This turned out to be a false alarm, and certainly is not evidence of bombs in the twin towers or WTC7. Here’s the clip, exactly as it’s presented in the documentary, so you can find out for yourself (2.2 MB XviD AVI, click on the image to view it, right-click and select Save Link As to save it locally):


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