Waleed al-Shehri Timeline: Official

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3rd October 2000@ New passport?
  • Waleed al-Shehri (presumably: the source document says al-Shehhi, although from the context it appears that's an error) was issued Saudi passport #C348871. (Source)

24th October 2000: US visa

November 2000: Travel to Iran?

Waleed al-Shehri 1.jpg

24th November 2000: US visa?

  • A Moussaoui trial document says on this date al-Shehri makes a non-immigrant visa application for a US visa. This shows Saudi Arabia passport #C348871, showing he was born in Saudi Arabia on 20th December 1978. (Source) However, other documents (see above) say al-Shehri got his visa exactly a month earlier, so we'd tentatively suggest this might be an error.

23rd April 2001: Arriving in Orlando

  • Satam al-Suqami and Waleed al-Shehri fly from Dubai, UAE, to Orlando, Florida, through London, on Emirates Airlines Flight 7 and Virgin Atlantic Airlines Flight 27. They booked these flights on April 19, 2001, in Sharjah, UAE, indicating that they would be returning to London from Orlando on May 15 2001. The return trip was not taken. (Source)

30th April 2001 - 28th May 2001: Satam al-Suqami

1st May 2001: Opening a bank account

3rd May 2001: Buying a car

  • al-Shehri purchases a 1993 Dodge Colt, FL U29LSL. (Source) It was a red vehicle that he purchased from Richard Hauser Motor Corp in Miami, Florida. (Source)

4th May 2001: Driver's licence

5th May 2001: Duplicate driver's licence

16th May 2001: Travel to the Bahamas

  • al-Shehri and Satam al-Suqami take Continental Airlines flt 9273 from Ft Lauderdale to Freeport, Bahamas, then Continental Airlines flt 9312 from Freeport, Bahamas, to Orlando. (Source) The 9/11 Commission places this a few days later, though.

30th May - 6th June 2001: Renting a car

  • al-Shehri takes out a Special Cars Group rental agreement for a Chevrolet Cavalier, FL GH223P. (Source)

1st June 2001: Renting a mailbox

6th June 2001 - 13th July 2001 (?): Lago Mar apts

8th June 2001 - 8th July 2001: Gym

18th June 2001: Opening a bank account

  • Waleed and Wail al-Shehri opened a joint account at the SunTrust Bank in Hollywood, Florida, with a deposit of $8,000. (Source)

21st June 2001 - 26th July 2001: Homing Inn

  • al-Shehri rents room 2308 (sic - or B308?) at the Homing Inn, Boynton Beach, Fl, for three people. (Source)

5th July 2001 - 5th August 2001: Gym

13th July 2001 - 22nd July 2001: Lisa Apts

  • al-Shehri rents rooms 208 and 308 at the Lisa Apts, Lake Worth, Fl. The source document talks about a first credit card receipt dated the 13th of July, however the registration card is the 15th, so it's possible he arrived then. The second room was presumably for Satam al-Suqami, although the document doesn't say. (Source) Another document places this between June 15th and the 22nd, saying they stayed with "two unidentified males". (Source)

26th July 2001: Creates email account, books San Francisco flight

  • al-Shehri created e-mail account wshehri@hotmail [sic] at a Kinko's in Florida. (Source) He uses this account to establish an AA.com account, and booked American Airlines Flight 195, from Boston to San Francisco, on July 29 2001. He later rebooked this flight for July 31 2001. (Source)

26th July 2001 - 2nd August 2001: Hotel

  • al-Shehri rents rooms "110-123" (initially stays in 110, later moves to 123) at the Crystal Cay Motel, Deerfield Beach, Fl. (Source)

30th July 2001: Flies to Boston

31st July 2001 - 1st August 2001: Flies to San Francisco/ Las Vegas

  • al-Shehri takes American Airlines flight 195 from Boston to San Francisco. (Source)
  • al-Shehri takes National Airlines flight 404 from San Francisco to Las Vegas, then National Airlines flight 973 from Las Vegas to Miami. (Source)

2nd August 2001 - 10th August 2001: Panther Motel

16th August 2001: Bank account deposit

17th August 2001: ATM cash withdrawal

18th August 2001: Gym

19th August 2001: Shopping

21st August 2001: Gym

24th August 2001: ATM cash withdrawal

26th August 2001: Reservations for American Airlines Flight 11

27th August 2001: Renewing the rented mailbox

  • al-Shehri's mailbox #281 at Mail Boxes, Etc, is renewed at a cost of $65.25.

28th August 2001: More reservations on American Airlines Flight 11

  • At 19:15 the al-Shehris made reservations for American Airlines Flight 11 on aa.com. Waleed used VISA 4011806070796163; Wail used VISA 4011[1]806070826374 (there seems to be an additional 1 in the number). The total cost was $4,464.50. (Source)

30th August 2001 - 6th September 2001: Shopping

  • al-Shehri signs a registration card for 3 people, staying at the Spindrift Motel, Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. (Source)

1st September 2001: Shopping

3rd September 2001: Shopping

4th September 2001: Buys flight tickets

5th September - 11th September 2001: Flies to Boston

6th September 2001: Suisse Chalet

8th September 2001: Suisse Chalet

9th September 2001: Wire transfer to Mustafa Ahmad

  • al-Shehri signs a Western Union transfer form to wire $5,000 to Ahmad Mustafa. (Source)

It was later terminated for lack of identification. However al-Shehri returned the following day and the transfer was successful. (Source)

11th September 2001: Boarding American Airlines Flight 11

  • At 6:45 am, Wail al-Shehri's white Mitsubishi arrived at the Logan parking lot with three passengers. (Source)

  • American Airlines Flight 11 is cleared for takeoff at 7:59, 14 minutes after its scheduled departure time. (Source)