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November 2000: From Iran to Bahrain

13th November 2000: Entering Qatar

19th November 2000: A new passport

Majed Moqed 1.jpg

20th November 2000: Visa application

  • Majed Moqed makes a non-immigrant visa application for a US visa using Saudi Arabia passport #C390833. This shows him as being born in Saudi Arabia using 18th June 1977. (Source)

23rd November 2000: Travel to Bahrain

25th November 2000: Travel to Iran

28th April 2001: Travelers cheques

  • Majed Moqed purchased $2,980 in MasterCard travelers cheques from the Thomas Cook exchange, Sharjah, UAE. (Source)

2nd May 2001: Arriving in Washington

8th May 2001: Living together

16th - 18th May 2001: Hotel

2nd July 2001: ID cards

9th July 2001: Opening a bank account

  • Ahmed al-Ghamdi opens Dime Savings Bank account #6540003578, obtaining VISA card #4343030519140805. Nawaf al-Hazmi opens account #6540003560, with VISA card #4343030519140680, and Majed Moqed opens account #6540000481, with VISA card #4343030519140813, all on the same day. (Source) Another document says this happened on 7th July. They each listed their address as 96 Linwood Plaza, Fort Lee, New Jersey, which was the address of Mailboxes, Etc, where al-Hazmi and Hani Hanour opened a mailbox account on June 26, 2001. They also each listed 973-652-2555 as their telephone number, which was the number for a cellular telephone subscribed to by Hanjour on June 27, 2001. (Source)

2nd August 2001: ID cards

6th August - 8th August 2001: Hotel

8th August - 15th August 2001: Hotel

  • Majed Moqed stays at the College Park Motel, Laurel, MD, in room 14 or 16. The bill is paid using VISA #4343030519140813. (Source)

10th August 2001: Computer time

16th August - 17th August 2001: Hotel

18th August - 20th August 2001: Hotel

21st August 2001: Renting a mailbox

  • Moqed rented mailbox 126 at Mailboxes, Etc, 4423 Lehigh Road, in College Park, Maryland. (Source)

25th August 2001: Seats reserved on Flight 77

  • E-mail account accessed at 15:21, and made reservations for Majed Moqed and Khalid al-Midhar on AA Flight 77 using Moqed's VISA card 4343030519140813. (Source)

2nd September 2001: Gym

3rd September 2001: Gym

5th September 2001: American Airlines Flight 77 tickets picked up

  • At 9:25 Hani Hanjour's debit card was used to make First Union National Bank account inquiries, and cash withdrawals for $5000. The transactions were denied. (Source)
  • Moqed's ATM card was also used at 9:25, to make two account inquiries and a cash withdrawal for $500. Hani Hanjour was also present. (Source)

7th September 2001: Duplicate IDs

10th September 2001: Hotel

11th September 2001: Boarding American Airlines Flight 77

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  • Majed Moqed boards Flight 77 from Dulles International Airport to Los Angeles. (Source)