Ahmed al-Nami still alive?

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On the 14th of September, 2001, the FBI published their first list of hijackers names, along with a few brief biographical details. An Ahmed al-Nami was included, but nine days later reports appeared suggesting this may have been an error.

It's unclear how this al-Nami has identified himself, though. All the FBI said about him on their 14th of September list was "Ahmed Alnami - Possible residence: Delray Beach, Florida". And the alleged hijacker al-Nami was 23, 10 years younger. What's more, a separate Saudi Information Agency report talked about someone also called Ahmed al-Nami, who may have fought in Afghanistan, and hadn’t called since June 2001: sounds like a better candidate:

By way of confirmation, other reports talk about about a missing "Ahmad Abdullah Alnami", whose picture apparently matches that of the hijacker:

A Boston Globe article ties Alnami to Wail and Waleed al-Shehri, and talks about how he changed in 1999:

There’s plenty of support for an Alnami who has connections to other hijackers, who changed prior to 9/11, and who has now disappeared, then. As the “still alive” Alnami is reported to be ten years older, this seems most likely to be a case of mistaken identity.