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The story...

Video footage taken at Dulles International Airport on September 11 was used to identify the alleged hijackers, including (according to this report) Hani Hanjour.

Hijacker Hani Hanjour, center foreground, believed to have piloted American Airlines Flight 77 when it crashed into the Pentagon on Sept. 11, 2001, is shown on surveillance video passing through the security checkpoint at Dulles International Airport Sept. 11, 2001 in this image taken from a surveillance vidoe and obtained by the Associated Press. Hanjour sent two carry-on bags through the X-ray machine and passed through a metal detector without alarm.



However other photos clearly show that Hanjour looked entirely different, much thinner and with a very different hair line.

It’s a different guy.

Our take...

Some point this out as just an anomaly:

"Hani Hanjour seems not to match FBI photo"

Others draw big conclusions from it:

Now the Dulles video snapshot, and the man credited by the AP and others as Hanjour. This man, dressed in dark blue, is *clearly* not the same person seen in the FBI photo or the ATM picture, taken just six days earlier. It's not even close. This is a mix-up on the order of the "Oswald in Mexico City" pictures. The Dulles "Hanjour" is heavier, with a completely different face and hairline.

So taking for granted that 77 hit the Pentagon, this is startling visual evidence in my view that our government has no idea who was flying the plane, or if they do, they don't care to say.

Certainly we’d agree that the first photo shows a different guy. This particular story identifies the wrong man as Hanjour. We found another story from NBC, though, which points to someone else (walking to the right, in the white shirt):


The build and hair line fit this time: it definitely looks like Hanjour. Check out the NBC video for yourself, or download our clip of the two second segment in which he appears

Not happy about the resolution? The full video was subsequently used by the prosecution in the Moussaoui trial, but to be honest, it’s not that much better, as this cropped image illustrates.

Hanjour Full

If you’d still like to see it, then the full version is on this site, but beware, it’s 516MB in size. We’ve also produced a snipped version showing the closest view of Hanjour only, which you can download here (a more manageable 6MB).

The obvious conclusion here is that Hanjour was incorrectly identified in the first report. We have no idea how that would have happened, but the subsequent report did point out someone who matches his description. And so the idea that the Dulles video shows Hanjour didn’t get on the flight is clearly incorrect.

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