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Flight 93 debris photos - exhibits used at the Moussaoui trial

More debris shots - a collection of low resolution images we found online.

EPA report photos - more shots from what looks like an EPA presentation.

Cockpit voice recorder transcript - as submitted to the Moussaoui trial (original at http://i.a.cnn.net/cnn/2006/images/04/12/flight93.transcript.pdf)

Sites disagreeing with the official Flight 93 story

Flight 93 Crash - This website explores different theories of Flight 93's crash

Killtown - What really happened to Flight 93?

A K Dewdney - The Cellphone and Airfone calls from Flight UA93

LetsRoll911 - LetsRoll911.org has discovered that Fight 93 was definitely shot down

Sites offering some support for the official story

Popular Mechanics - Comments on "The White Jet", The Roving Engine", "Indian Lake" and "F-16 Pilot" Rick Gibney

Pittburgh Pulp - A mildly critical look at some Flight 93 shootdown evidence and theories

Cleveland Free Times - Another general article putting the “for” and “against” case for many Flight 93 theories.

Other Flight 93-related sites

Devvy Kidd - A collection of four articles disagreeing with the idea that Flight 93 didn’t crash Shanksville, but raising suspicions that it was shot down.

The Memory Hole - Air Traffic Control Recording of 9/11 Flight 93

Memorial Project - Information on Flight 93 and the building of a national memorial

Universal Studios - Flight 93: The Movie

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