Saeed al-Ghamdi still alive?

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The FBI named a Saeed al-Ghamdi as one of the 9/11 hijackers in their first full list, on September 14th. However questions were soon raised over this identification. There was a hint from the BBC:

The Telegraph added more details in a report published on the 23rd of September:

This seems to be a substantial claim, in that “name, place, date of birth and occupation” are all claimed to match. Of course a report of someone saying this doesn’t make it true, and there’s at least one reason to doubt the claim: the 14th September FBI hijackers list entry for Al-Ghamdi.

Even by the 27th FBI list, with photographs (and after the "still alive" Al Ghamdi came forward) this had only expanded to:

But note there's no mention of nationality (unlike others on the list), when or where he was born, or his occupation. If these were published by the US authorities prior to the 23rd, then why aren’t they included here? If he read details that came from some other source, then we don’t know that they were correct. The idea that his details matched those of the hijacker isn’t in any way substantiated here.

Another complication is that this Alghamdi says he’s been based in Tunis for the last 10 months. During this period the Alghamdi referred to by the FBI had been leaving a paper trail for the US, including a driving licence application that was taken on the 10th of July, 2001 ( -- another indication that we’re talking about two different people. There’s confirmation within the Telegraph story in the talk of the FBI Alghamdi photograph, which the “still alive” Alghamdi says is of “somebody else”.

A later story in the Boston Globe certainly seems to have no problem linking Alghamdi to the other hijackers, and suggesting they were all involved:

Of course the lack of a source for these claims makes it weak as evidence, and perhaps you don’t trust the US media on these issues, anyway. In which case, how about Germany’s Der Spiegel? They investigated the Alghamdi “still alive” claims, and reported they were nothing more than mistaken identity. This is the relevant section.

The CNN clip (1.5 MB, XviD AVI) confirms that their picture was not of the alleged hijacker. A German 9/11 site does the same with better resolution images:

If anyone needed further confirmation that this al-Ghamdi is a different individual to the alleged hijacker, then, it arrived in 2002, when Saudi Arabia finally accepted that the named suspects were actually involved.

And later that same year when Al Jazeera played an al-Qaeda tape showing al-Ghamdi, who described America as "the enemy" and spoke of the importance of jihad:

The final piece of evidence appeared in an FBI document released by NARA as a part of the 9/11 Commission files. It revealed that a latent fingerprint taken from al-Ghamdi's visa application matched a portion of the Flight 93 remains: