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The site has had a number of files, for many years, which haven't been referenced on any of the pages. That seems a shame, so I'm going to link them here. It's going to be a mess for a while - perhaps a very long while - as I won't even try to organise them until everything is done, but I'll sort it out eventually.

All files stored locally

WTC 1/2 Property Condition Assessment Reports

Condition report on WTC1

Condition report on WTC2

Files on Google Drive

Originally sourced by a 911blogger poster:

WTC footage

  1. 1. The 26-minute "What we saw" movie] taken by Bob and Bri shows the burning towers, part of the collapse, and the aftermath. They didn't capture either WTC impact or the collapse initiation, though.
  2. 2. General footage around the WTC, starting at 8:56, and including the sound of the second crash. Probably nothing important here but I'm including it "just in case".