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Did an Israeli company really have warning of the 9/11 attacks? That's what Alex Jones has said:

And repeated in one of his radio interviews...

The original report, however, tells a less dramatic story:

So, problem #1 with Jones account: the company say nothing about telling their employees to “leave the building”. They told no-one about the message until after the attacks. But didn’t they feel under threat? No, these employees were in Israel, not America.

Still, the message did predict the attack, right? Maybe not.

That explains why they didn’t notify their employees in the towers, then -- they didn’t know the attack was coming after all. In fact for all we know, the message could have been something very vague that only seemed meaningful later: “America will pay for its crimes, and sooner than anyone believes”. That seems plausible from the comment Alex Diamandis made in another article.

There is another reason why Odigo didn’t alert their WTC employees, of course. They didn’t have any offices there.

And just by way of completeness, it doesn’t even seem Odigo had “hundreds” of employees to flee the WTC office that, uh, they didn’t have.

And also, once you know the full story, another question comes to mind. If this is supposed to be a "warning", why send it to people in Israel who would be unaffected by the event? And not give them enough information to warn colleagues closer to the attacks, in New York? It doesn't make sense, and without knowing the message text, it certainly doesn't prove foreknowledge.