Mom, this is Mark Bingham

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Mark Bingham was one of the passengers on Flight 93. On seeing the hijacking he called his mother, Alice Hoglan (erroneously called "Hoaglan" here), who described what happened:

The idea of introducing yourself by your full name to your own mother has been used as an indication that this wasn't Bingham calling after all. Professor James Fetzer says:

David Ray Griffin concurs:

Neither takes the time to recount the reaction of Bingham's own mother, though. Perhaps because she doesn't see this as suspicious at all. Hoglan told the BBC it just meant he was "a little rattled":

And in “The Flight That Fought Back”, a Discovery Channel documentary, we heard that he would sometimes introduce himself with his full name:

No mystery here according to Bingham’s mother, then, who’s surely better placed to address this issue than anyone else. And now, if these phone calls were faked, it suggests the faker had to know Mark Bingham sometimes spoke in this way: how likely is that?