John Ashcroft and commercial flights

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One supposed indication of 9/11 foreknowledge comes from John Ashcroft's reported decision to stop flying on commercial airlines in the summer of 2001.

However, if Ashcroft stopped flying by any commercial flights from July, then whoever "warned" him clearly had no detailed knowledge of the 9/11 plan. What’s more, CBS only brought this issue up because it was normal for Government officials to fly commercial.

Are we really to believe that the FBI knew something of 9/11, warned Ashcroft, but no-one else?

David Ray Griffin apparently has no such worries, and is sufficiently concerned that he apparently considers the 9/11 Commissions "omission of the report that Attorney General Ashcroft was warned to stop using commercial airlines prior to 9/11" as an "implicit lie".

Unfortunately Dr Griffin is omitting information himself, as the Commission did ask Ashcroft about this, it just didn't make the report (exactly as you'd expect if they found no connection). Here's some of his testimony:

Of course anyone who’s going to believe Ashcroft would willingly leave others in danger to keep himself safe, probably won’t have a problem assuming he’s lying here. However, Ashcroft has support from an unlikely quarter. Even the team behind Michael Moores Farenheit 9/11 believed the “stopped flying commercial flights” story isn't entirely true.

So even Michael Moore (not exactly a friend of Bush, or Ashcroft) accepts there's probably nothing here? Then unless more information appears, this story really doesn't look like it's going anywhere.