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Jeremy Glick was a passenger on Flight 93. He called his wife Lyz to report the hijacking, a call that was covered in this Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article.

Joanne Makely

Liz Glick was with her parents when Jeremy called. Her mother, Joanne Makely, called the police and was able to relay information to them. Makely's call was recorded and a transcript recently became available. Details included:

  • "He's on the plane and it's been hijacked and they're going to crash it into another building"
  • "He's not on his cell phone. He's on the airline plane phone"
  • "They don't know he's making this call"
  • "There's three men going to fly the plane into the World Trade Center"
  • "He thinks there's a bomb on the plane"
  • "They want to know whether they should attack these three guys"
  • "There's a man with a knife... And he has a red box... Or... He's said he's either going to blow it up or crash it into the World Trade Center"
  • "Iranian man. Iranian looking man"
  • "They have everybody in the back of the plane"
  • "Some guys are rallying together and they want all the men to go and attack these... Jeremy doesn't know whether it's a good idea"
  • "The men have decided they're going to try and attack the people"
  • "He's left the phone on but they've gone to attack the people"
  • "He doesn't hear anything"
  • "He doesn't know whether he's connected or disconnected"
  • "There was some screaming"
  • "He says he doesn't hear anything"
  • "He still says he has nothing"
  • "Nothing"...

Read the full transcript here (apologies in advance for the terrible formatting, it was that way in the original document).

Phone records

This summary records details of all Flight 93 calls.