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One common and recurring 9/11 theme is that the US media and government "rushed to judgement" on the attacks, ascribing responsibility to bin Laden far too quickly, and releasing the names and photos of the alleged hijackers in an implausibly short time.

9/11 truthers, by contrast, generally like to portray themselves as more thoughtful types, whose opinions are based on evidence and took much longer to form. We've often heard people say that they believed the "official story" at first, for instance, only changing their minds when confronted with the case made by History Commons, Loose Change or whoever it might be.

This may well apply to some individuals. But what's also true is that a large part of the current 9/11 truth case was expressed online within days - and in some cases just hours - of the attacks. Here's a selection.

(Please note, these have been snipped solely to illustrate early use of 9/11 arguments that would be commonly used later. Some of the posts and articles make additional points that we've stripped out entirely. Follow the source link if you want to read the whole thing.)