Fayez Banihammad Timeline: Official

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Fayez Ahmed 1.jpg

1st June 2001: Gym

  • Fayez Banihammad is listed as signing a a fitness waiver & release for a 1 month membership to World Gym, Boynton Beach, Fl, however the same document also says he's not yet in the country. (Source) These aren't the best prepared documents, and I've seen errors in them before, however we'll need to get the original documents to find out for sure.

13th June 2001: New passport

18th June 2001: Visa application

  • Banihammad makes a non-immigrant visa application for a US visa, using UAE passport #A0929256. The passport shows him born in the United Arab Emirates on 19th March 1977. (Source)

24th June 2001: Travelers cheques

25th June 2001: Opening a bank account

  • Fayez Banihammad and Saeed al-Ghamdi purchased tickets to travel from Dubai, UAE, to Orlando, Florida, through London, at the DNATA travel agency in Sharjah, UAE. In booking these flights Banihammad and al-Ghamdi both listed their contact number as 050-520-9905. (Source)

27th June 2001: Arriving in Orlando

  • Saeed al-Ghamdi and Fayez Banihammad flew from Dubai to Orlando, via London, on Emirates Airlines Flight 7 and Virgin Atlantic Airlines Flight 15. Upon arrival, Banihammad indicated he was staying at the Orlando Hyatt hotel. (Source)

July 2001: Renting a mailbox

10th July 2001: ID card

13th July 2001: Cellphone activated

  • Banihammad, using the name "Ahmad Fayed", activated cellular phone 305-496-2443. In activating the phone, Banihammad listed his address as 3355 Sheridan Street, Hollywood, Florida. (Source)

18th July 2001: Opening a bank account

24th July 2001: Mustafa Ahmed

  • A letter from Standard Chartered bank reveals that a Mustafa Ahmed is a signatory to Banihammad's account.
Fayez Rashid Ahmed Bahnihammad Bank Account Signatories.jpg

31st July - 11th September 2001: Cellphone

1st August 2001: ATM cash withdrawals

  • Banihammad's Standard Chartered Bank Visa credit card was used to make three ATM withdrawals at the North Boca Raton branch of SunTrust Bank, each in the amount of $600. A fourth ATM withdrawal in the amount of $1,000 was made later that day at the same location. (Source)

2nd August 2001: Cash deposits

  • Two cash deposits are made to Banihammad's SunTrust Bank account at the North Boca Raton branch: $1,800 and $1,000. (Source)

3rd August 2001: Creates email address, Travelocity.com account

  • Banihammad created email account fathal2001@yahoo.com and used it at Kinko's in Boca Raton, Florida. Banihammad also created a Travelocity.com account, logged into a session, and shopped for a rental car. (Source)

13th August 2001: Purchases Stanley knife

  • Banihammad purchased a "Stanley two-piece knife snap set" from Wal-Mart, Boynton Beach, FL.
Hijacker Purchase Records 3.jpg

16th August 2001: Gym

  • Banihammad makes extensive, if inconsistent use of his SCB VISA card #4937502064795995. At 15:34 he attempts to withdraw $4000 from First Union Bank (transaction denied); he successfully uses it at the Northern Trust company to withdraw $1; he tries to withdraw $3000 from the Bank of America at Lake Worth, FL (transaction denied); he tries two $3000 withdrawals from the Nations Bank, also in Lake Worth (both transactions denied); then finally succeeds in making a $3000 cash withdrawal. (Source)

17th August 2001: Finances

  • Banihammad uses his VISA card to withdraw $2000 from a Lantana Bank of America. He then makes four attempts to withdraw $4000 from a SunTrust Bank in Palm Beach, but all transactions are denied. (Source)

20th August 2001: $4,900 deposit

  • $4,900 was deposited to Banihammad's Standard Charter bank account in Sharjah, UAE. (Source)
  • Banihammad visits a First Union bank in Boynton Beach, FL, where he makes two attempts to withdraw $3000 using his VISA card. Both transactions are denied. However he then successfully manages to obtain a $2,800 cash advance on the same card, then visits a Lake Worth Bank of America to withdraw another $3000. (Source)

21st August 2001: Visa transactions fail

  • Banihammad tries twice to withdraw $4,500 on his VISA card from a Lantana First Union bank, but both transactions are denied. (Source)

22nd August 2001: Visa cash withdrawal

  • Banihammad uses his VISA card to withdraw $4,800 from a SunTrust Bank in Boynton Beach. (Source)

23rd August 2001: Visa cash withdrawal

  • Banihammad heads for a First Union bank in Boynton Beach, where his VISA card gets him a cash withdrawal of $2,800. (Source)

24th August 2001: Finances

  • Banihammad visits a SunTrust bank in Boca Raton. There he successfully deposits $4000 in Atta's and al-Shehhi's account, but his attempt at a cash withdrawal fails. Further attempts to withdraw $2,800 from a First Union bank in Boynton Beach, and $2,000 from a First Union bank in Boca Raton (at 17:02) do not succeed. (Source)

27th August 2001: Buys tickets for Flight 175

1st September 2001: Shopping

  • Banihammad's VISA card was used to make $66.83 of purchases at a Boynton Beach Wal-Mart. (Source)

5th September 2001: Wires money to UAE

  • Banihammad wired $8,000 from his SunTrust Bank account to Standard Chartered Bank in Sharjah, UAE. At 15:49 he made a $6,000 deposit to his SunTrust account. (Source)

7th September 2001: ATM cash withdrawals

  • Banihammad obtained $500 in cash withdrawals from one or more ATMs in Deerfield Beach, FL. (Source)

8th September 2001: Flying to Boston

  • At 20:05 Banihammad checked in to room 408 at the Milner Hotel, Boston, MA, paying $469.43. (Source)

9th September 2001: Rents car

  • At 8:42 Banihammad visits the Dollar Rent A Car at Logan International Airport, where he rents a Hyundai Accent (presumably licence plate 5122NK) for $570. (Source)

10th September 2001: Parking ticket?

  • A parking ticket, #381897736, is issued at 12:08 to a Hyundai, MA licence plate 5122NK, near 75 S. Charles Street. This is, we'd presume, the car Banihammad rented the previous day, although the document doesn't actually say this definitively. (Source)

11th September 2001: Boarding Flight 175

  • Banihammad checked out of the Milner Hotel at 6:20, paying the $469.43 bill with his VISA card. (Source)
  • Banihammad then checked in for Flight 175 at Logan International Airport. The plane departed at 7:58. (Source)