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Three flights were scheduled to leave Boston Logan International Airport on 9/11: American Airlines Flight 11, United Airlines Flight 175, and Delta Air Lines Flight 1989. After the first two planes flew into the World Trade Center, suspicions arose that Delta 1989 may also be hijacked, and these appeared to be confirmed when the sounds of a struggle and the claim that a "bomb" was on board were overheard by air traffic controllers. They soon realised that they had heard the hijacking of United Airlines Flight 93, but officials still weren't sure that Delta 1989 was unaffected. The plane landed in Cleveland at around 10:45, SWAT teams were reportedly called, and the FBI interviewed all passengers to confirm that they had no connection to the other hijackings.


The following news pieces shed more light on the events surrounding Delta 1989.


The Enquirer, August 2002:

CNN, September 2002:

USA Today, September 2002:

Vanity Fair, August 2006:

CBS, September 2006:

Associated Content, September 2007:


The following Delta 1989 news clippings were originally posted by Gray Watson as a part of his Scrapbook From Passenger on Delta Flight 1989 on 9/11 page. Go check it out, along with the story of a friend who was a passenger on the flight.

Plain Dealer
Sunday Standard-Times
USA Today
Wareham Courier
Wareham Courier

9/11 Commission

Col Alan Scott spoke about Delta 1989 in his testimony to the 9/11 Commission. However, he referred to the flight as Delta 89 for some reason, and talks of it landing around an hour before it actually did, which has led some to speculate that this was an entirely different plane:

The 9/11 Commission Report commented on the issue here:

BTS record

The following Delta 1989 departure details for 9/11 were retrieved from the BTS site.

DAL1989 BTS.gif