Bush-bin Laden family links

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In 1979 George W Bush was running an oil company called Arbusto. This was extremely unsuccessful, but he nonetheless managed to attracted some investors, and some accounts claim this included a member of the bin Laden family:

However, the truth was rather more complex, as a Texas Observer article made clear:

The investment was made in the name of Bush friend James Bath, and (according to him) using his own money. He was an agent for Salem bin Laden at the time, but claims that is was bin Laden's cash are "speculation", at least according to this article. So where does the idea come from?

Enter Charles "Bill" White.

Some time after their "falling out", Bill White made various accusations about Bath, telling CBCs "the fifth estate" this about the Arbusto investment:

White has substantially more to say. Please follow the above link to get the full picture. Nonetheless, what we have here is still just the unsupported word of a former Bath business partner, perhaps with considerable reason to bear a grudge: not enough for us to say Salem bin Laden involvement in Arbusto has been established as a fact.

And we're not alone.

Craig Unger has been a fierce critic of Bush's Saudi connections, and has probably done more research into this area than anyone, but here's what he wrote on the supposed bin Laden links in "House of Bush, House of Saud":

Breakfast on 9/11

Most of the Bush/ bin Laden links date back some time, but one is far more recent, occurring on the morning of 9/11 itself:

What can have been going on? Were bin Ladin and Bush discussing the coming attacks over some secret breakfast, just the two of them? Find out a little more about this meeting and it seems unlikely.

So "George Herbert Bush met with Osama bin Ladin’s own brother" would seem to be more accurately described by saying they were both at the same meeting, along with hundreds of other people. Did they actually meet in person? Bush reportedly wasn't in attendance for long ("Bush Sr. left the meetings early") so there may have been little opportunity. They may still have done so, of course, but in order to show that we'll need some evidence: misleading quotes are not enough.


It was actually Taleban leaders, not al Qaeda, and Moore presents no evidence Bush met with them at all, simply assuming he might have done because he was the Governor: