Bob Graham on 9-11 funding

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One issue that sometimes pops up in support of Pakistani funding of 9/11 (in emails to us, if not in many books), is an interview given by Senator Bob Graham:

The Asia Times offered one take on this story:

One immediate problem with this interpretation of Graham’s remarks, is he’s also the Senator who visited Pakistan in August 2001, and was meeting with ISI chief General Mahmoud Ahmad on September 11. If you believe that there was something suspect about these events, and (for instance) foreknowledge of the attacks was a part of either of them, then that would make Graham one of the conspirators. It seems unlikely he’d be want to come at all close to exposing Pakistani involvement now.

But a more serious objection is that elsewhere he’s gone into much more detail about this.

It seems reasonably clear that Saudi Arabia is the country he was referring to in the original interview. Especially if you look in the index for his book, which has only three topics listed for Pakistan: his “intelligence committees’ oversight trip”, “nuclear standoff with India”, and a throwaway mention of a small al-Qaeda attack in Pakistan during 2002. No support for ISI complicity in 9/11 here, then.