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(9-11 Hijacker Information)
(9-11 Hijacker Information)
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*[[:Image:Team5_Box17_9-11_Hijacker_Information_1.1.pdf|Part #1]] - brief details on each hijacker and the flights<br>
*[[:Image:Team5_Box17_9-11_Hijacker_Information_1.1.pdf|Part #1]] - brief details on each hijacker and the flights<br>
*[[:Image:Team5_Box17_9-11_Hijacker_Information_1.2.pdf|Part #2]] - annotated copies of some hijacker visa applications as shown in the National Review<br>
*[[:Image:Team5_Box17_9-11_Hijacker_Information_1.2.pdf|Part #2]] - annotated copies of some hijacker visa applications as shown in the National Review<br>
*[[:Image:Team5_Box17_9-11_Hijacker_Information_1.3.pdf|Part #3]] - a reprint of the September 27 2001 FBI press release on the hijackers<br>
*[https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxhHk-kM0huWcmZ4S082YVpGMUU/edit?usp=sharing Part #3]] - a reprint of the September 27 2001 FBI press release on the hijackers<br>
*[https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxhHk-kM0huWZlplNDU1ZWZkZFE/edit?usp=sharing Part #4] - a reprint of a web timeline on the 9/11 hijackers<br>
*[https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxhHk-kM0huWZlplNDU1ZWZkZFE/edit?usp=sharing Part #4] - a reprint of a web timeline on the 9/11 hijackers<br>
*[https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxhHk-kM0huWUmhqbnl2VEYwU0k/edit?usp=sharing Part #5] -  INS (immigration), TECS (Treasury), PNR (Passenger Name Records) and other information on each of the hijackers<br>
*[https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxhHk-kM0huWUmhqbnl2VEYwU0k/edit?usp=sharing Part #5] -  INS (immigration), TECS (Treasury), PNR (Passenger Name Records) and other information on each of the hijackers<br>

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31.8 MN

NARA have made many 9/11 Commission records public. You'll find MFRs (memoranda for the record, interview summaries) available from here, for instance.

You may also download the set of MFRs available online for a given set of boxes via these huge PDF files (see below for details of what's in which boxes).

However, many other important documents are still only available if you visit their research rooms in person, hardly the most convenient solution. So we've used the Finding Aid to locate records that seem important, had them copied and mailed, then scanned and uploaded them. Each document will then be linked to other pages on the site as seems relevant, but this page will be the master index of every document we've uploaded so far. Its structure follows that described in the Finding Aid: the records are divided into sections (major Commission members and teams), each of these has multiple boxes, and each box contains either records, or folders containing records. (If you're not looking at the Finding Aid then this may not be a helpful way of organising things, and you might be better off searching for whatever interests you using the Search box top left, or the left-hand menu system.)

Front Office

Box FO.5

Public Hearing "Emergency Response" folders contain:

Dana Hyde

Subjects include air traffic control, Federal Aviation Administration and North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) response to the hijackings and attacks, authority for the shoot down of hijacked aircraft, Department of Defense responsiveness to Commission requests, and NORAD exercises.

Box DH.1

  • "OVP Notes" includes what seems to be Hyde's copy of Lynne Cheney's PEOC notes

Box DH.2

Box DH.3

  • "Norman Mineta Interview" contains handwritten notes of a Commission interview with Norman Mineta (different to the MFR that's currently online)
  • "White House Timelines" contains no timelines, unfortunately. Instead you get some topics to discuss with Doug Cochrane, "VP military aide", and a few questions from the 9/11 families.

Box DH.5

  • "USSS Requests and Notes" contains fragments from Secret Service interviews regarding their awareness of hijackings and Cheney's evacuation.

Daniel Marcus

Topics include executive agency cooperation with the Commission, Commission access to White House records such as the President’s Daily Brief and draft security directives, compensation for Commissioners, staff access to detainees, issuance of subpoenas to the White House and Federal Aviation Administration, staff access to City of New York documents and recordings, Commission recommendations, the progress of each team’s work, and publication of the final report.

Box DM.1

  • "Airlines" includes responses from American Airlines to Commission questions.
  • "Air Threat Call" includes a little information about the importance of the transcript of the 9/11 Air Threat Conference Call.

Box DM.2

  • "Commissioners" includes the resignation letter of Commissioner Max Cleland

Box DM.3

  • "FAA" includes a DoT Inspector General letter on the FAA's destruction of air traffic controller tapes. (That is, the audio record of interviews made with controllers who handled the hijacked planes.)

Box DM.6

  • "NORAD/ FAA Misstatements" contains the best summary of the Commission's view on NORAD and FAA timeline inaccuracies that you'll find anywhere. It's a must-read if you've the faintest interest in the stand-down arguments
  • "Saudis" contains information on the post-9/11 flights that high-level Saudis used to leave the US

Box DM.8

  • The "Team 8" folder includes a Dana Hyde memo where she gives Mineta's PEOC arrival time as 10:07

Team 1A

Subjects include: activities of the hijackers, especially while in the United States; al Qaeda’s planning of and logistics for the September 11 attacks; Mohammad Atta’s alleged meeting in Prague; the hijackers’ associates in the United States and abroad; Zacarias Moussaoui; chronologies of the events leading up to September 11, 2001; activities of the attack planners overseas; al Qaeda members, such as Abu Zubayda, Ahmad Ressam, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, and Ramzi Binalshibh; the attack on the USS Cole; and agencies’ cooperation with the team’s document and briefing requests.

Box 1A.Unknown

Box 1A.33

  • "Four Flights and Other Data" - includes FBI interviews regarding the phone calls from Barbara Olson, Peter Hanson, an unnamed flight attendant, Renee May, Betty Ong, Amy Sweeny, CeeCee Lyles, Ed Felt, Mark Bingham, Marion Britton, Garnet Bailey, Linda Gronlund, and Thomas Burnett, as well as quotes from Dave Canoles on "extraordinary navigation skills" displayed by two of the hijacked planes

Box 1A.52

The "Miscellaneous documents cites in the final report" folder contains:

Box 1A.56

  • "Notes on Timeline - FBI PENTTBOM" contains interesting questions about the 9/11 plot, including the start date, Yazeed al-Salmi, Jamal Ibrahim Abdulajalil, al-Shehhi's "salary", Pistole's testimony and more.

Team 2

Box 2.10

The "Motley Submission" folder contains:

Box 2.11

  • "CIA comments on Kuala Lumpur" contains CIA comments on the sharing of information (or not) between the CIA and FBI about the al Qaeda January 2001 Kuala Lumpur meeting

Box 2.12

Box 2.24

The "Aircraft as weapons" folders contained:

Team 3

Box 3.1

"Executive Office of the President - Delivery" contains:

These interviews on White House staffers on what happened at Booker High School on 9/11:

And these interviews on happenings at the White House on 9/11:

Box 3.3

"EOP Produced Documents Volume III" contains:

Box 3.7

Team 4

Team 4 focused on terrorist financing.

Box 4.1

The "Account Summaries" folder contains:

Box 4.6

Box 4.13

  • "Hazmi/ Mihdhar Search" lists many intelligence documents relating to the search for Khalid al-Mihdhar and Nawaf al-Hazmi. Invaluable for researchers, if dull for everyone else.

Box 4.14

The "FBI Docs - Received early April" folder contains:

Box 4.15

Box 4.16

Box 4.19

Team 5

Subjects include visa policy; methods of hijacker entry into the United States; summaries of activities, especially entry into the United States, by other terrorists before September 11, 2001; Immigration and Naturalization Service policy regarding border security; Department of State’s Visa Express and Visa Waiver programs; embassy security; information sharing between law enforcement, intelligence agencies, and other federal entities; alien smuggling; and post-September 11 detainees.

Box 5.6

"Misc info on Moussaoui and Hijackers" contains detailed information on the hijackers, like passenger name records and FBI reports, as well as lists of items recovered from everything from hotels to the crash scenes

Box 5.8

  • "Breeder Documents" contains extensive details on hijacker IDs and includes documents recovered from the crash sites
  • "Hearing Material - January" is a single page table listing the hijackers, their country and date of birth, and where and when they got their US visas

Box 5.11

Box 5.17

9-11 Hijacker Information

  • Part #1 - brief details on each hijacker and the flights
  • Part #2 - annotated copies of some hijacker visa applications as shown in the National Review
  • Part #3] - a reprint of the September 27 2001 FBI press release on the hijackers
  • Part #4 - a reprint of a web timeline on the 9/11 hijackers
  • Part #5 - INS (immigration), TECS (Treasury), PNR (Passenger Name Records) and other information on each of the hijackers

Box 5.46

  • "Chronology: US Identifications" includes details of a forensic examination of hijacker ID cards recovered from the Pentagon, and a list of identification documents belonging to the hijackers (passports, visas, driving licences, more).

Box 5.47

The "Work Product Charts" folder contains:

Box 5.49

The "Inspector Interviews" folders contains immigration inspector interviews re:

Flight 11

Flight 175

Flight 77

Flight 93

Box 5.50

  • DoJ IG INS Contact with Atta and al-Shehhi ("A Review of the INS's Admissions of Mohamed Atta and Marwan Alshehhi, its Processing of their Change of Status Applications, and its Efforts to Track Foreign Students in the United States")

"9/11 Hijacker Primary Documents - United 175" includes basic INS summaries on:

"9/11 Hijacker Primary Documents - American 77" includes basic INS summaries on:

And in addition:

Box 5.51

"9/11 Hijacker Primary Documents - United 11" includes basic INS summaries on:

And in addition:

"9/11 Hijacker Primary Documents - United 93" includes basic INS summaries on:

And in addition:

Box 5.53

Box 5.62

"Breeder Documents" contains:

"Aliases and IDs of the 9/11 hijackers" contains:

Box 5.63

IG Materials Folder 1 contains:

Box 5.68

Team 6

Team 6 investigated law enforcement and intelligence collection inside the United States.

Box 6.44

Team 7

Team 7 investigated aviation security and the circumstances of the hijackings on September 11, 2001. Included are notes of interviews conducted by Commission staff; notes of visits to such sites as Logan and Dulles Airports; slides of presentations given to Commission staff from federal agencies such as the Transportation Security Administration of the Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Aviation Administration, and American and United Airlines; documents received by the Commission from agencies, particularly the Federal Bureau of Investigations, and airlines; reports from the General Accounting Office on transportation security; other government and private sector reports; drafts of chapter one of the Commission’s final report; congressional hearing transcripts; and published articles and monographs.

Box 7.1

Box 7.3

  • "CVR Notes - NTSB" contains handwritten notes on an NTSB briefing. This uses the flight data recorders and other information to try and figure out what happened on Flight 77 and 93 (but mostly 93)

Box 7.7

The "ATC" folder contains:

Box 7.10

The "FBI 302s: Homer..." folder contains:

The "FBI 302s: Olsen..." folder contains:

Box 7.11

  • FBI 302s - ACARS contains various FBI interviews mostly relating to the hijacked flights

Box 7.12

FBI reports relating to passengers and flight crew of the 9/11 flights, calls made from the plane, and various witnesses are contained in:

Flight 93 Calls

Includes background information on passengers who didn't make a call.

The folder contained a General section.

Box 7.13

  • "Flight 11 Calls" - Part 1 includes a transcript of Betty Ong's phone call from Flight 11, and further discussions amongst other American Airlines staff.
  • "Flight 11 Calls" - Part 2 includes transcripts of calls to and from American Airlines Ray Howland, as he begins to hear about and respond to the situation on American Airlines Flight 11.
  • "Flight 11 Calls" - Part 3 includes transcripts of calls to and from Bill Halleck (American Airlines Systems Operation Command Centre, Dallas), as he begins to hear about and respond to the situation on Flight 11.
  • "Flight 175 Calls" contains more details on Star Fix calls made from the hijacked planes.
  • "Flight GTE Records" contains the airfone records for Flight 93 and Flight 175 (very difficult to read, though)
  • "Flights-phone calls" includes questions and comments regarding 9/11 phone calls by Linda Gronlund, Mark Bingham, Marion Britton, Ed Felt, Todd Britton, an unnamed flight attendant, Thomas Burnett, CeeCee Lyles, Louis Nacke, Sandra Bradshaw, Jeremy Glick, Waleska Martinez, Barbara Olson, Renee May, Brian Sweeney, and Peter Hanson.
  • "Woodward Notes" includes Michael Woodward's notes from his conversation with Amy Sweeney on Flight 11, and the transcript of a Primetime Thursday TV programme telling the story of that call
  • "Flight call notes and 302s includes notes on 9/11 calls from Peter Hansen, Barbara Olson, Amy Sweeney, Renee May, Betty Ong, Todd Beamer, Mark Bingham and more. There's also a little background information on Daniel Lewin.

Box 7.17

  • "Manifests" included manifests for Flights 175 and 93, plus limited boarding information
  • FBI 302s of Interest - Flight 77 provides some FBI interviews relating to Flight 77, including a brief mention of the operator who took Barbara Olson's "collect call"
  • FBI 302s of Interest - Colgan Air contains FBI interviews relating to Colgan Air (mostly the US Airways flight that Atta and al-Omari took immediately prior to boarding Flight 11)
  • FBI 302s of Interest - Checkpoint Screeners contains FBI interviews with or about checkpoint screeners, their procedures, and possible contact with the hijackers]]. There's also information on further airport videos showing the hijackers
  • FBI 302s of Internet - Flight 93 contains FBI interviews relating to Flight 93, everything from how tickets were booked to witnesses who saw it from the ground

Box 7.18

  • "AAL Letters" contains assorted American Airlines-related documentation: passenger lists, passenger name records, American Airlines records regarding the departure of Flights 11 and 77, and more. Some US Airways documents on the 9/11 flight taken by Atta and al-Omari, too.
  • "Atta's Luggage" includes FBI interviews with the baggage expediters responsible for it
  • "Flight info tables" contains a useful table of information on each of the hijacked 9/11 flights: crew, hijackers, their boarding times, calls from the flights, more
  • "Hijacker Sightings" includes reports of hijackers supposedly casing cockpits, behaving suspiciously in planes and airports. Also has a Commission staffer saying there's no way that James Woods story of encountering the hijackers is true.
  • "UAL jumpseat" contains United Airlines responses to issues like the use of jumpseats on their 9/11 flights, cargo manifests, technical information on the hijacked planes, and more
  • "UAL QFR responses" contains various responses from United Airlines to issues like plane load factors, calls to United Airlines HQ, and more
  • "AAL QFR responses" includes American Airline responses to requests about hijacker check-ins, the 9-11 flights, their knowledge of the hijackings, and more

The "AAL Misc" folder contains:

The "Pilot training info" folder contains:

Box 7.19

  • "MFR excerpts" contains summaries of interviewees views on various FAA-related topics

Box 7.20

Timelines 9/11 contains:

Flight 175 and 93 load patterns contains:

Flight 77 and 11 No-Shows contains:

Flight 77 and 93 No-Shows contains:

Box 7.21

  • "INTERAVIA" contains information on a Karachi travel agency in Pakistan who booked 7 seats for Flight 11 on 9/11 - they were all no-shows

The MFR/IV Notes contains:

Team 8

Subjects include the air traffic and military responses to the hijackings, including the coordination of their efforts; previous FAA emergencies such as Payne Stewart’s flight and the Lufthansa hijacking; pre-September 11 emergency protocols; and gaps or limits in radar coverage, especially in the track of United Flight 93.


Box 8.1

Box 8.2

Box 8.4

Box 8.5

Box 8.6

  • FAA HQ - Tracey Paquin includes details on how the FAA constructed a timeline of their response to the attacks

Box 8.8

Box 8.14

Box 8.15

The "Hijacked Airplanes" folders contain:

Box 8.16

The "Misc work papers" folder contains:

Box 8.17

  • "Miles Kara Working Files - Folder 1" includes useful FAA timelines constructed by Mike McCormick, as well as the FAA's Eastern Region Operations Centre Log for 9/11 (what they knew about hijacked planes and other threats, and when they knew it)
  • "Miles Kara Working Files - Folder 2" includes a Dulles Tower timeline describing the approach of Flight 77; a statement from Victor Padgett of FAA Potomac TRACON describing what he saw and did just before the Pentagon attack; an FAA press release of August 2002 containing a timeline of events (some times are incorrect); the ATC flight strips for Flight 11

Box 8.18

"NTSB Documents - Folder 1" contains:

"HQ FAA" folder contains:

Box 8.19

Miles Kara Work Files:

"HQ - FAA" contains:

Box 8.20

"NEADS Trip... 2 of 3" folder contains:

"NEADS Trip... 3 of 3" folder contains:

New York Office

The records in the New York City office reflect the efforts of the Commission to examine the immediate response to the emergency by both government and the private sector.

Box NY.2

"FAA Produced Documents" folder contains:


Box NY.3

Box 3 contains transcripts of the NORAD tapes.

Box NY.4

Box NY.5

The "Civilians" folder contains:

Box NY.7

Box NY.8

The "Economic Impact" folder contains:

Box NY.9

  • "Farmer misc" (a Newsweek November 19th 2001 interview with Dick Cheney)
  • "Farmer misc" (a CBS September 4th 2002 interview with Dick Cheney)
  • "Farmer misc" (a Fox News September 5th 2002 interview with Dick Cheney)
  • "Farmer misc" (a CNN September 5th 2002 interview with Dick Cheney)
  • "Farmer misc" (timelines of 9/11 events according to various Condoleezza Rice interviews)

Box NY.10

Box NY.12

The "Video" folder contains:

Box NY.15

The "Analysis of FDNY Videos" folder includes:

Box NY.16

The "NYPD Radio Comm" folder contains:

The "911 Calls" folder contains:

Box NY.17

  • "NYPD Slideshow" contains an NYPD presentation on the events of 9/11 and the emergency response
  • "FBI Briefing" contains brief details on the FBI Washington Field Office's initial response to 9/11 and the Pentagon attack


The following documents are assumed to come from a Commission file, but we're not sure which one.

The following document is a compilation of 9/11 Commission interviews of FAA personnel.