Mohand al-Shehri Timeline: Official

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October 2000: Flying from Iran to Kuwait

23rd October 2000: Visa application

  • Mohand al-Shehri completes a non-immigrant vista application for a US visa, showing Saudi Arabia passport #B982062; passport shows a birth date of 7th May 1979, in Saudi Arabia. (Source)
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20th November 2000: Flying to Bahrain

21st November 2000: Flying to UAE

21st November 2000: Flying to Karachi

  • al-Shehri flew from Dubai to Karachi on Pakistan International Airlines Flight 212. (Source)

28th May - 29th May 2001: Arriving in Miami

  • Hamza al-Ghamdi, Ahmed al-Nami and Mohand al-Shehri flew from Dubai, UAE, through London to Miami, on Emirates Flight 7 and Virgin Atlantic Flight 5. When booking tickets for their flights all three men listed 971-50-769-6327 as a contact telephone number. The hijackers called that number from the US using prepaid calling cards in April and May 2001. (Source)

  • Mohamed Atta (under the name Mohamed ElSayed) appears on a registration card for 3 people showing a 2-day start at Hill Totel, rm. 117, Hollywood, FL. Mohand al-Shehri is listed as Mohand Shahri; the third person is not named. (Source)

1st June - September 2001: Opens a bank account

  • al-Shehri maintains a SunTrust checking account #0782002028591, with VISA card #4011806070815823. (Source)

28th June 2001: Renting a mailbox

  • Hamza al-Ghamdi rented for three months mailbox number 260 at Mailboxes, Etc, at 1730 South Federal Highway, Delray Beach, Florida. Mohand al-Shehri was also listed as a recipient of mail at this box. (Source)

2nd July 2001: ID card

17th July 2001: Buying computer time

18th July - 19th July 2001: Tampa

  • al-Shehri books room 210 at the Econolodge, Tampa, Fl, for two people and two nights. (Source)

20th July 2001: Travel

28th July: Renting a mailbox

27th August 2001: Buying tickets for Flight 175

8th September 2001: Flying to Boston

9th September 2001: Renting a car

  • At 8:42 Fayz Banihammad visits the Dollar Rent A Car at Logan International Airport, where he rents a Hyundai Accent (presumably licence plate 5122NK) for $570. (Source)

10th September 2001: Parking ticket

  • A parking ticket, #381897736, is issued at 12:08 to a Hyundai, MA licence plate 5122NK, near 75 S. Charles Street. This is, we'd presume, the car Fayez Banihammad rented the previous day, although the document doesn't actually say this definitively. (Source)

11th September 2001: Boarding Flight 175