Mobile calls from Flight 93

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David Ray Griffin has repeatedly claimed that the FBI say only two cell phone calls were made from Flight 93:

This matters as it's then used to say the FBI are contradicting earlier claims that calls were made from cell phones instead.

The FBI did indeed give testimony about 37 calls from Flight 93, 35 made from airfones, and 2 from cell phones. But where do they say these were the only calls made from the flight? The answer is they do not, and neither does the reporter: Dr Griffin has simply made an assumption, and it happens to be incorrect. Here's the relevant part of the Moussaoui trial transcript, where Detective Sergeant Ray Guidetti of the New Jersey State Police and FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force in Newark is answering questions about Tom Burnett's phone calls:

The FBI explicitly said that Tom Burnett may have made "additional cell phone calls" that were not included in the report, which tells us they're not claiming it's a comprehensive list of every call made from Flight 93.

Researchers may still want to look into specific instances where the FBI explicitly said an airfone was used at the Moussaoui trial, and they find evidence elsewhere to indicate otherwise. However, the actual trial testimony clearly cannot be used to imply that the FBI believe only two cell phone calls were made from Flight 93. And therefore Dr Griffin's statement that "all of the calls from this flight, except the two that were explicitly indicated on the graphics to be cell phone calls, were said at the trial to have been made from onboard phones" is just not true.