Khalid al-Mihdhar Timeline: Official

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6th April 1999: New passport

7th April 1999: US visa

  • In Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, al-Midhar is issued with a US visa valid through April 2nd 2000. (Source)
Khalid Al Mihdar US Visa Copy.jpg
Khalid al-Mihdhar 1.jpg

Before 5th January 2000: Ahmad Hikmar Shakir

4th and 5th January 2000: Arrives in Malaysia

8th January 2000: Flying to Thailand

15th January 2000: Arriving in Los Angeles

February 1, 2000: Omar al Bayoumi

February 4th 2000: San Diego

  • al-Mihdhar and al-Hazmi signed a four-month lease for an apartment, #150, Parkwood Apartments, 6401 Mount Ada Road, San Diego, California. (Source)

February 25th 2000: Buying a car

  • al-Midhar cashed a cheque in the amount of $2,300, drawn on his Bank of America account and purchased a 1988 Toyota Corolla. This was registered in his name on February 28th, and re-registered in the name of Nawaf al-Hazmi on June 2, 2000. (Source)

March 1st 2000 and later: Leasing an apartment

April 5th 2000: Driver's licence

May 4th, 5th, 10th 2000: Flight equipment

  • On May 4th 2000 al-Midhar bought two MG-40 headsets, one Jeppesen Deluxe flight training kit, one Jeppesen log book, and a San Diego terminal chart from Marv Golden Discount in San Diego. (Source)

May 10th 2000 and later: Renting a room

May 2000: Flight instruction failure

Late May - early June 2000

  • On May 30th Nawaf al-Hazmi opened a new account at the Bank of America with a deposit of $100. On May 31, 2000, al-Hazmi deposited $4,800 into this account. At approximately the same time, al-Midhar and al-Hazmi moved to 8451 Mount Vernon Way, Lemon Grove, California. (Source)

June 2000 - June 2001:

10th June 2000: al-Mihdhar flies to Oman

  • al-Midhar flew from Los Angeles to Muscat, Oman (conflict with 14th July entry?). (Source)

14th July 2000: I-94

  • An I-94 Departure Record shows al-Mihdhar leaving the US on this date.
Khalid Al Mihdar US Visa Copy.jpg

December 2000 and later: Nawaf al-Hazmi

February 2001: al-Mihdhar in Iran?

8th May 2001: Living together

26th May 2001: Travel to Saudi Arabia

30th May 2001: New passport

8th June 2001: Travel to Dubai

13th June 2001: Visa application

  • al-Midhar makes a non-immigrant visa application for a US visa using Saudi Arabia passport #C551764. This shows him as being born in Saudi Arabia on 16th May 1978. (Source)

24th June 2001: Traveler's cheques

  • al-Midhar purchased $4,900 of American Express traveler's cheques in Saudi Arabia. (Source)

4th July 2001: Arriving in New York

  • al-Midhar flew from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, to New York, on Saudi Arabia Airlines Flight 53. At the time of his arrival he indicated that his intended destination was the Marriott Hotel at the World Trade Centre complex in New York City. He actually stayed at the Quality Hotel Eastside, Room 0909, 161 Lexington Ave, in New York.(Source)

5th July 2001: Hotel

  • al-Midhar's name appears on a registration card for Quality Hotel Eastside, New York, NY. (Source)

13th July 2001: Hotel

15th July - 21st July 2001: Hotel

18th July 2001: Opening a bank account

  • al-Midhar's name appears on documents associated with Hudson United Bank account #3980999966. (Source) He opened the account with a $300 cash deposit. He provided an address of 859 Main St, Apt 139, Paterson, New Jersey, which was the address of the mailbox rented by Salem al-Hazmi and Abdulaziz al-Omari on July 13th, 2001. (Source)

1st August 2001: Virginia ID card

2nd August 2001: Helps others obtain ID cards

9th August 2001: Creates email address

  • Khalid al-Mihdhar created email account using an IP address registered to William Paterson State College. Mohamed Atta used a pay telephone at the college approximately 40 minutes before al-Mihdhar used his email account, and around an hour afterwards. (Source)

16th August 2001: Tries to buy UAL tickets

  • al-Mihdhar attempted to purchase UAL tickets (total cost $1,718.75) using his debit card but was rejected. (Source)

17th August 2001: Renting a mailbox

  • al-Mihdhar rented box #156 at Mail Boxes, Etc, for a cost of $37.10. (Source) The full address was 5, Sicomac Road, North Haledon, New Jersey. (Source)

19th August 2001: Shopping

22nd August 2001: Opening a bank account

  • al-Mihdhar cashed $2,000 of American Express Travelers Cheques at 13:00 in the First Union National Bank, Totowa, NJ. (Source)
  • At 15:17 al-Mihdhar opened an account with First Union National Bank (account #1010042788049, VISA card #4828641118626012) with a $50 deposit. (Source) He listed his address as 5, Sicomac Road, Box 156, North Haledon, New Jersey, the mailbox he rented on August 17th. (Source)

23rd August 2001: CIA request al-Mihdhar and others are place on watchlists

  • The CIA cable the INS, FBI, US Customs Service/ Office of Intelligence, asking that Khalid al-Mihdhar, Nawaf al-Hazmi and at least one other individual should be placed on watchlists to assist in locating them. (Source)

24th August 2001: Creates AAdvantage Profile

25th August 2001: Reservations made for American Airlines Flight 77

  • At 18:30 there was an ATM balance inquiry (from Paterson, NJ) on al-Mihdhars Hudson United Bank account, and an unsuccessful attempt to withdraw cash. (Source)

26th August 2001: ATM cash withdrawal attempts

  • At 18:49 in Paterson, NJ, al-Mihdhar made several unsuccessful attempts to withdraw cash from an ATM. (Source)

28th August 2001: FBI request for a full field investigation into al-Mihdhar

29th August 2001: ATM cash withdrawals

  • ATM cash withdrawals of $100 and $60 were made on al-Mihdhar's Hudson United Bank Account, at 15:45 and 18:10. (Source)

31st August 2001: Added to watchlist

  • The source document tells us al-Mihdhar makes a deposit of $2,861 to his First Union National Bank account at 16:38, then closes his account at the Hudson United Bank at 16:55, writing a cheque for $2861.30 to himself. The coincidence in amounts suggested the timing is in the wrong order, although it's also possible the times represent something else (a request being actioned later). Further investigation is required. (Source)

1st September 2001: ATM cash withdrawal

2nd September 2001: Gym

  • Hani Hanjour, Majed Moqed, and Khalid al-Mihdhar signed in to the Gold's Gym guest register at 13:13, paying the $90 bill in cash. (Source) However another document specifically listing gym memberships leaves al-Mihdhar off the list for the 2nd, so this may be an error. (Source)

3rd September 2001: Gym

4th September 2001: Visa revoked

  • al-Mihdhar's earlier deposit of $2,861 is posted to his First Union National Bank account. He uses his debit card in Laurel, MD, for an account inquiry, then purchases totalling $97.33 at The Shoe Department, the Food Factory and The Shadow. (Source)

5th September 2001: Pays for and picks up Flight 77 tickets

  • al-Mihdhar changed the address on his First Union National Bank account at 12:57. (Source)

6th September 2001: Gym?

  • A Moussaoui trial document places al-Mihdhar in Gold's Gym today, however also admits that there is "no date on register". (Source)

8th September 2001: Finances

  • al-Mihdhar makes a $5,890 deposit to his First Union National Bank account at 12:07. At 19:19 he uses his debit card at the Food Factory (x3) for purchases totalling $54.82, then spends $14.06 at 19:35 in Shoppers Foods. (Source)

9th September 2001: Shopping

  • al-Mihdhar's debit card was used at Giant Foods for purchases totalling $57.60. (Source)

10th September 2001: Attempts to mail a package to the UAE

  • At 10:44 al-Mihdhar deposits $1,490 to his First Union National Bank account from Laurel, MD. A further $120 deposit follows at 13:49. Three deposits totalling $7,500 were deposited to his account. (Source)
  • There's an ATM inquiry on al-Mihdhar's account from Laurel, MD, and ATM cash withdrawals of $100 from Laurel, and Maryland, where al-Midhar also cashes a $20 cheque at the First Union National Bank. (Source)
  • At 12:30 Nawaf al-Hazmi and Hani Hanjour mail a package from Mail Boxes, Etc, to the UAE, for a cost of $41.06. (Source) They used the name "Rawf Al Dog" to send an Express Mail package from Mail Boxes Etc, Laurel, Maryland, to P.O. Box 19738 in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. After September 11 2001 the FBI intercepted the package at Dulles Airport. Inside the package was a letter as well as the debit card and PIN for the First Union Bank account of Khalid al-Mihdhar. (Source)

11th September 2001: Boarding American Airlines Flight 77

  • al-Mihdhar checked in for American Airlines Flight 77 at Dulles Intl Airport, passing through the western security gate at 7:20. (Source)

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  • Flight 77 left the gate at 8:09, departing from the airport at 8:20. (Source)