IntelCenter and al Qaeda videos

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IntelCenter is an American company that studies and provides information on terrorist groups. They regularly provide al Qaeda videos to the media, for instance. In early 2010 their web site "About" page contained the following details on the company.

However, some believe IntelCenter don't simply locate and distribute al Qaeda videos - they claim the company is involved in creating them in the first place. Here's InfoWars:

The key point appears to be Krawetz claiming that both the banner behind Zawahiri, and the IntelCenter logo, were added at the same time. So is this real evidence of fakery involving IntelCenter, then? Perhaps not. As usual, InfoWars are leaving out some crucial details.

For example, while it's true that the original Wired article that made this claim said they had both been added at the same time, some updates have subsequently appeared.

The author of the work has clearly said that the IntelCenter logo was added later, then. Of course some will simply want to expand the conspiracy further, suggest that he's "lying" or "been leaned on" - so is there any way to verify his claim? Fortunately, yes.

You might have noticed in the piece above that Dr Krawetz's claim arose because he was making a presentation to the 2007 Black Hat conference. These presentations are frequently made available in PDF form, and it turns out this one was, too - there's even a link to it on the original Wired article. A text version on Krawetz's site explains how he believes the Zawahiri image was modified.

The presentation clearly states that the IntelCenter logo was added after As-Sahab's text, just as Krawetz said. His work provides no evidence that IntelCenter were involved in the creation of the original videos. And to emphasise that, perhaps the last word should go to Dr Krawetz, who posted the following on his blog in November 2007: