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Honor Elizabeth Wainio was a 27-year-old district manager for Discovery Channel Stores when she died on United Airlines Flight 93.


Wainio called her stepmother from the flight to say goodbye. The FBI reported at the Moussaoui trial that this call was made via airfone, however other researchers point to media reports saying that a cellphone was used. The significance, they claim, is that calls from cellphone are almost impossible to make from altitude, the FBI realised this and changed their story about how the calls were made.

The most common quote used to support this comes from a Newsweek article:

However, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette also discusses Flight 93, and according to them Wainio was passed an Airfone:

Which media account is accurate? The FBI interview with Esther Heymann, Wainio's stepmother and the recipient of the call, tells us she "was contacted regarding an Airfone telephone call received from United Airlines Flight 93, on September 11 2001, to her residence" (source).

Further, Wainio's details appear in Airfone records for the flight.

Wainio.png (Source)

Presumably people will argue that the records are "faked", as they always do (although simply repeating that statement doesn't make it true). What can be said definitively, though, is that the FBI's Moussaoui phone call evidence, saying Wainio used an Airfone, does not represent a change of story. It's something the FBI have known from within a day or two of the attacks.