Hani Hanjour at Dulles

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In 2004 a video was released allegedly showing the Flight 77 hijackers passing through security at Dulles International Airport. Here's an example of how it was used by the Chicago Tribune.

It seemed a very simple story of little real import at all, until a 9/11 researcher noticed something. The man captioned as Hanjour in the picture bore very little resemblance to the much smaller, thinner man shown in other FBI shots.

It certainly looks like a different man to us, and some have drawn big conclusions from the discrepancy.

There's a hidden assumption in this line of thinking, of course, that the Associated Press story correctly identifies Hanjour in the video. It's an appealing view to many, which is why, having discovered the apparent "anomaly", they investigate it no further. But actually it's also incorrect. We found a story on the MSNBC site that points to an entirely different individual as Hanjour, and while it's too low a resolution to be conclusive, does appear to be a match, with slighter build and receding hairline (white shirt, walking to the right):


There is a very marginally better image available from the full-resolution video as released at the Moussaoui trial, as you can see here.

Hanjour Full.jpg

The full video is available for download here, but beware, it's 516 MB in size.

The obvious conclusion here is that Hanjour was incorrectly identified in the first photograph. We've no idea how that happened, but as we've shown, there is another report naming a different passenger who does appear to match Hanjour's description. And so the idea that the Dulles video shows Hanjour didn’t get on the flight is clearly incorrect.