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We've occasionally heard it claimed that Goldman Sachs were forewarned of 9/11:

And this story is then sometimes added to Odigo, Zim Shipping and other "anomalies" to "prove" that Israel in general had considerable foreknowledge of 9/11 (an example).

Of course you might wonder how much foreknowledge is indicated by the advice to avoid American government buildings in Tokyo. Still, the timing might indicate that something had leaked from the conspirators, surely?

Well, no. Once again, this only becomes an issue because key information is being left out. In this case, a US State Department warning released on Friday September 7th: here's an AP news report covering it:

So the State Department warned of threats to US or US-related targets in Japan and South Korea on the Friday; Goldman Sachs in Tokyo warned staff to avoid "American Government buildings" the following Monday. The most likely explanation here is surely that they've relayed the US warning after tailoring it for their own people. No great mystery, and given the inaccurate nature of the warning, no clear foreknowledge of the 9/11 plot, either.