Flight 11 Calls

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Flight attendants Betty Ong and Madeline Sweeney made (between them) several calls reporting the hijacking on Flight 11. The 9/11 Commission described events here.

These calls were summarised in a Moussaoui trial exhibit, and we will provide further documentation below.

Betty Ong

Betty Ong called from Flight 11 to report the hijacking.


<mp3>Betty Ong Phone Call.mp3|download</mp3>- 4 minutes of Betty Ong's phone call

Phone records

American Airlines airfone records list the start of Ong's call.


Further documents

Madeline Sweeney

Madeline Sweeney called from Flight 11 to report the hijacking.


Michael Woodward made notes of his conversation with Sweeney, and these were subsequently released amongst other 9/11 Commission documents.



Phone records

Each call appears in the airfone phone records for Flight 11. These are the three connected calls (the second is split across two pages so we've pasted it back into one).




Further documents

Unknown calls

The Moussaoui trial exhibit also points to four possibly attempted calls.

We've no information on these.