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Dennis Lormel was an FBI agent for 28 years, rising to the post of Chief of the Financial Crimes Section in the Criminal Investigations Division. After retiring, he joined Corporate Risk International in 2004.

Lormel is occasionally mentioned in 9/11 debates as confirming that Mohamed Atta was wired $100,000 at the request of ISI chief Mahmood Ahmed. British MP Michael Meacher made this specific accusation in a 2005 Guardian article:

Confirmation of an ISI link by a top FBI official would plainly offer extremely solid backing to the story. There's only one problem: Lormel said nothing of the kind. Here's what he told the House Committee on Financial Services, October 3rd, 2001:

(We've snipped this to zoom in on the core issue for this page, but there's much more. Please go read the whole thing if you're looking for the bigger picture.)

There's no confirmation of an ISI link here, then, and Lormel doesn't say that Omar Sheikh was involved either. John J LaFalce said that "apparently Mohamed Atta received a wire transfer of $100,000 from a bank account in Pakistan under the control of one of bin Laden’s lieutenants", but Lormel doesn't even confirm that: all he tells us is that Atta received over $100,000 from multiple accounts in the UAE. Meacher's claim is false.