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Anne Tatlock was the CEO of Fiduciary Trust Inc, and had an office high in the South Tower of the World Trade Centre. Yet on 9/11 she was lucky enough to be elsewhere, something that 9-11 Research consider suspicious enough to be included on their Warnings page:

As written you might assume that a selected group of WTC VIPs have been removed from the scene, just in time, by the US military. But that’s not the case at all.

Issue number one is the people who were at Offutt. The story mentions “a number of business leaders who would normally have been in the WTC”, but fails to name anyone but Tatlock. Why? We think the most likely explanation is that she’s the only one who was normally based in the WTC, and we’ve yet to see anyone else named.

And issue number two is the reason they were there. Some sites try to make this mysterious by saying it was a meeting, or make it seem business-only by calling it a "conference". Neither are correct. This is what was actually going on.

This suggests Tatlock wasn't part of some small group saved at the last minute. In fact, as "celebrities" and "professional athletes" tend to have busy calendars, the date is likely to have been arranged many months earlier. It's part of the job of CEOs to go around and attend such things, representing their company, and with hundreds of companies in the WTC it's really not surprising that a business leader was elsewhere on 9/11.