Abdulaziz al-Omari Timeline: Official

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8th July 2000: ATM withdrawal

7th - 27th May 2001: Malaysia

Abdul Aziz Alomari 1.jpg

8th May 2001: Living together

27th May 2001: Travels to Dubai

18th June 2001: Visa application

  • al-Omari makes a non-immigrant visa application for a US visa. He uses Saudi Arabia passport #C165015, which shows he was born in Saudi Arabia, and gives a birth date of 28th May 1979. (Source)

29th June 2001: Arriving in New York

  • Abdulaziz al-Omari and Salem al-Hazmi flew from Dubai, UAE, to New York, through Zurich, Switzerland, on Swiss Air Flights 395 and 100. The tickets were purchased on June 28, 2001, from the DNATA travel agency in Sharjah, UAE, listing a contact number of 050 5209905. (Source)

  • al-Omari pays for two nights, for two people, at Queens Motor Inn, Woodside, NY. (Source)

1st - 6th July 2001: Hotel

6th - 13th July 2001: Hotel

10th July 2001: ID card

13th July 2001: Renting a mailbox

18th July 2001: Mailbox used

  • Khalid al-Mihdhar's name appears on documents associated with Hudson United Bank account #3980999966. (Source) He opened the account with a $300 cash deposit. He provided an address of 859 Main St, Apt 139, Paterson, New Jersey, which was the address of the mailbox rented by Salem al-Hazmi and Abdulaziz al-Omari on July 13th, 2001. (Source)

24th July - 31st July 2001: Hotel

26th July 2001: Opening a bank account

  • al-Omari opens Hudson United Bank account #3981000061 (Source) with a deposit of $100, providing an address of 859 Main St, Paterson, New Jersy. (Source)

27th July 2001: ID card

2nd August 2001: ID card

7th August 2001: Atta arrives

  • Mohamed Atta stays at the Wayne Inn, rm. 223, Wayne, NJ. (Source) The 9/11 Commission Report speculates as to why he was in the area:

9th August 2001: Flying to Miami

  • al-Omari travels with Ahmed al-Ghamdi on AirTran Airways Flight 573 from Newark to Atlanta, then AirTran Airways Flight 2503 from Atlanta to Miami. (Source)

28th August 2001: Reservations booked for American Airlines Flight 11

5th September 2001: ATM withdrawal

  • Mohamed Atta present on video as Abdulaziz al-Omari makes an ATM withdrawal from his own account, 11:34, Deefield Beach, FL - $400. (Source)

6th September - 10th September 2001: Flying to Boston

10th September 2001: In Portland

Atta Comfort Inn.jpg

A high-resolution shot from the gas station was later released at the Moussaoui trial.

Atta Alomari Jet Tech camera.jpg

  • The FBI issued a press release on the 14th October that included the following timetable.

11th September 2001: Boarding American Airlines Flight 11

  • Mohamed Atta's Nissan Altima rental car entered the Portland Airport parking lot, Portland, ME. (Source)

  • The FBI issued a press release on the 14th October that included the following timetable.