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Raehatu Al-Misk

The 19 Martyrs
photos taken from with brief description of each one by Sheikh Usama bin Laden taken from the 19 martyrs video.


"When layers of darkness cover the horizon and we are bitten by the sharpest of fangs and our homes overflow with blood. As the aggressor continues his destruction, and the glint of swords and the sound of hooves have disappeared from the battlefields and our cries our drowned out by the noise of strings and percussion, suddenly, their storms arise to demolish their fortresses and proclaim to them, we shall not stop our raids until you abandon our lands."

"When we speak about the attacks on New York and Washington, we are speaking about those men who changed the course of history and purified the Ummah from the filth of the treacherous rulers and their followeers, without bothering to mention their names and titles. We are speaking about men who I don't say merely demolished the Twin Towers and the Pentagon, which is simple enough, but rather, they destroyed the idol of the times and destroyed its values. The Pharoah of the century has emerged in his ugly true colours, and there is no difference between him and the Pharoah of Egypt except additional unbelief and falsehood. Here he is, murdering our children in Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Kashmir and other Islamic lands. These great men have consolidated faith in the hearts of the believers, emphasized the creed of allegiance [to the believers] and disassociation [from unbelievers], and torpedoed the plots of the Crusaders and their puppet rulers in the region after decades of ideological warfare designed to dilute this doctrine. The context does not permit us to remember these men as they deserve to be remembered, the pen is unable to enumerate their merits and good qualities nor the merits of the effects of their blessed raids, except that we shall try, for even if something is unattainable in full, its substance should not be abandoned." (Sheikh Usama bin Laden-19 martyrs video)

The group of Mujahid Muhammad 'Atta (ra)-who destroyed the 1st Tower
The group of Mujahid Marwan Shihi (ra)-who destroyed the 2nd Tower

The group of Mujahid Marwan Hanjoor (ra)-who crashed into the Pentagon

The group of Mujahid Ziyyad Al-Jarrah (ra)-who attempted to destroy the Congress building
Mujahid hero-Muhammad 'Atta (ra)
Commander-in-Chief Muhammad Ataa: Commander of the group, from the land of Canaan, from Egypt. Destroyer of the First Tower. Earnestness, diligence and truthfulness. He carried the concerns of the Ummah. We ask Allah to accept him among the martyrs.
Mujahid hero-Marwan Shihi (ra)
Marwan al-Shehhi: From the Emirates, destroyer of the Second Tower. The world desired him, but he turned away from it, desiring Allah's reward.
Mujahid hero-Ziyyad Al-Jarrah (ra)
Ziyaad al-Jaraah: Pureness and refinement. From Lebanon, from the land of Sham. From the descendants of Abu Ubaidah al-Jaraah, may Allah be pleased with him.
Mujahid hero-Haniy Hanjoor (ra)
Hari Hanjour: From the people of Taa'if. Destroyer of the Pentagon. Evident pureness and spectacular sacrifice. We consider him so and Allah is his Reckoner.

As for the tribes of Aseer, they receive the lion's share: Ghamid, Zahraan, and Banu Shihr.
Mujahid heroes-Waail and Waleed Shihri (ra)
Waa'il and Waleed al-Siqilli al-Shihri: Men of devotion, night-prayers, manners, modesty, and exertion. Their father is a businessman and the head of his tribe. The world wanted them, but they fled from it to the rugged mountains of Afghanistan, desiring Allah's reward.
Mujahid hero-Ahmad Al-Haznawi (ra)
Ahmad al-Haznawi al-Ghamidi: Fearless and undaunted by distress, his reslove was not swayed by caution. An Imam, preacher and rouser to the fight.
Mujahid hero-Hamza Al-Ghamidi (ra)
Hamzah al-Ghamidi: The love of jihad took over his heart. Diligent in worship, rememberance of Allah, and recitation of the Qur'an. He chose his words as if they were beautiful fruit.
Mujahid hero-Ahmad Al-Ghamidi (ra)
Shaykh Abu al-Abbas, Abd al-Aziz al-Umari al-Zahraani: An example for contemporary scholars and a vestige of the pious predecessors. The active scholar. He protected knowledge from the employ of the tyrants and prevented it from being held captive to their salaries.
Mujahid hero-Mahnad Ash-Shihri (ra)
Umar, Muhannad al-Shihri: Of gentle character, patient, he sought martyrdom with sincerity. We consider him so and Allah is his Reckoner.
Mujahid hero-Ahmad Al-Ghamidi (ra)
Ikrimah, Ahmad al-Ghamidi: Extraordinary resolve, patient and generous.
Mujahid hero-Sa'eed Al-Ghamidi (ra)
Mu'taz, Sa'eed al-Ghamidi: A man of worship who enjoined good and forbade evil. His body was on earth but his heart roamed with the green birds that perch beneath the Throne of the Most Merciful. We consider him so and Allah is his Reckoner.

Mujahid hero-Sataam Asqaami (ra)
Sataam al-Suqaami: From Nejd, from the land of the Two Sanctuaries. Determination, resolve, manliness, and courage. When you saw him you recalled the hadeeth of the Prophet (saw): "The most severe of my Ummah on the Antichrist are the children of Tameem."
Mujahid hero-Faaiz Al-Qaadi (ra)
Fayaz al-Qaadi bani Hamaad, better known as Ahmad: Sacrifice, giving, humility and modesty.
Mujahid hero-Maajid Mawqad (ra)
Maajid Muqad al-Harbi: From Madinah. Faith and modesty always compliment each other. Very refined and exceptionally humble.
Mujahid hero-Khalid Al-Mahdaar (ra)
Khalid al-Mihdaar: From Makkah, from Quraysh, from Aal al- Bayt, from the offspring of Muhammad (saw). A man who sought martyrdom in earnest. We consider him so and Allah is his Reckoner
Mujahid hero-Nawaaf Al-Haazimi (ra)
2nd-in-Command Rabi'ah, Nawaaf al-Hazmi: From Makkah, a man of purpose, determination, perseverance and modesty, holding the reins of his steed and seeking death in its most likely places.
Mujahid hero-Saalim Al-Haazimi (ra)
Bilal, his brother, Saalim al-Hazmi: From Makkah. Allah threw faith into his heart, so he left everything with the motto, "Paradise is under the shade of swords."

Sa'eed Al-Ghamidi-photo from 19 martyrs video (Ma'taz Al-Ghamidi-FBI photo)

Waail Ash-Shihri-photo from 19 martyrs video (Abu Salmaan-FBI photo)

'Abdul 'Aziz al-'Umri-photo from 19 martys video (Abu Al 'Abbas Al Janoobi-FBI photo)

Hamza Al-Ghamidi-photo from 19 martyrs video (Julaibib Al-Ghamidi-FBI photo)


Ahmad Al-Na'mi
Ahmad ibn Abdullah al-Na'ami: From Abhaa, from Quraysh, from Aal al-Bayt, from the offspring of Muhammad (saw). Diligent in performing acts of worship, he loved night-prayers. Gentle in manner, he saw in a dream that he was riding with Allah's Messenger (saw), on a mare, then he (saw) ordered him to dismount to fight the enemy and liberate his land.
As long as I die as a Muslim I don't care how I am killed (a sahabi ra)