Must be explosives
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The story...

“...nothing but small explosive charges could create such an appearance. The decreasing volume of the building from the collapse itself could not create enough pressure to cause such localized high-velocity effects, and this early in the collapse would have only created a modest overpressure".

WTC7 Squib Big103

Our take...

What they’re saying here is that there’s no way such effects could appear, say, from a few windows breaking. Right? Well, once again, let’s take a look at the full sequence and see for ourselves.

Our first shot is the image immediately before the “squibs” appear.
wtc7 Collapse C02

Then the squibs begin to appear... But look, what’s this? As the building tilts and falls, it looks like windows are breaking and smoke’s coming out at just the same time as the “squibs”. Could these be squibs, too? Don’t think so -- surely they’ve be running along the building to destroy separate columns, not all blowing up the same one.

wtc7 Collapse E

As you see, the third image shows the full line of “squibs”, but also more windows broken at the front of the building.

wtc7 Collapse F02

We see no reason the broken windows at the front can’t be the result of the collapse beginning. And if you look at them, a line of black dots immediately above each other, they look very similar to the “squibs”. Seems to us that all we’re seeing on the corner is the natural result of the building falling, and there’s no real evidence to show they’re explosives-related at all.

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