Mike Pecoraro
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The story...

Mike Pecoraro heard and saw the effects of an explosion in the basement levels of the North Tower. 

Our take...

The Pecoraro account describes hearing an explosion, witnessing heavy smoke and damage (including “steel and concrete fire door that weighed about 300 pounds, wrinkled up “like a piece of aluminum foil” and lying on the floor”). Go visit http://st12.startlogic.com/~xenonpup/underground/underground_explosions.htm to see how it’s been presented.

As you’ll see, the page complains that the “official” explanation for this, jet fuel exploding in the elevator shafts, simply doesn’t match the evidence:

The narrator claims that he "later learned" that there had been an explosion caused by fuel pouring down an elevator shaft, but the lobby shows none of the soot or fuel residue we would expect from such an explosion.

This seems quite reasonable, perhaps until you read the full Pecoraro interview, because there’s something important snipped out from this page:

"When I walked out into the lobby, it was incredible," he recalled. "The whole lobby was soot and black, elevator doors were missing. The marble was missing off some of the walls. 20-foot section of marble, 20 by 10 foot sections of marble, gone from the walls". The west windows were all gone. They were missing. These are tremendous windows. They were just gone. Broken glass everywhere, the revolving doors were all broken and their glass was gone. Every sprinkler head was going off. I am thinking to myself, how are these sprinkler heads going off? It takes a lot of heat to set off a sprinkler head. It never dawned on me that there was a giant fireball that came through the air of the lobby. I never knew that until later on. The jet fuel actually came down the elevator shaft, blew off all the (elevator) doors and flames rolled through the lobby. That explained all the burnt people and why everything was sooted in the lobby."

And then there’s another Pecoraro observation, that they did include:

...the room they were working in began to fill with a white smoke. “We smelled kerosene,” Mike recalled, “I was thinking maybe a car fire was upstairs”...

Jet fuel is kerosene, essentially, so Pecoraro smelled it, and reports the soot that they try to tell us didn’t exist. Obviously that’s not conclusive proof, but it seems relevant to us, and this is yet another reason to check the original sources before you rely on summaries and snipped quotes.

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